Tuesday, 25 October 2011

lights out.

and this is where the journey ends.

remember to come and view your caravans in their night time exhibition
at Craft Victoria, Flinders Lane, in their window on street level. the exhibition can be viewed
24 hours a day but its night time that the caravans will really shine.
come and see them all lit up from monday 31st october to saturday 26th november.

into the night

together as a group the caravans headed into the city
to find a place called home...

into the night.

Monday, 10 October 2011

and stayed out until late into the night

grouping together

and as the weeks went by......
after sitting in their secret nook,
slowly the caravans came together
at twilight.

these photos were taken by the magnificant
mr max milne
thankyou max......

caravans in the most curious of places

after each workshop places that we had never noticed before,
started to leap out at us. it was often the spaces we never payed attention to
that stood out the most.